Aikido Daiwa is pleased to host the Southern California Regional Aikido seminar Feb. 22 featuring Didier Boyet sensei of Hombu Dojo. Please bring bokken; there is no need to bring jo. Boyet sensei has practiced aikido for more than 40 years. He moved to Japan in 1977 to follow Chiba sensei and has lived there since, practicing at Hombu dojo under such teachers as Doshu Ueshiba Kisshomaru, Osawa Kisaburo sensei, Yamaguchi sensei, Arikawa sensei and Shibata sensei. He also studied Muso Shinden Ryu iaido as a direct student of Mitsuzuka sensei. There will be a pot luck dinner on Saturday evening after the last class and we welcome any contribution to the festivities. If there is anyone who wished to attend but has financial constraints, please contact us. We will do everything possible to accomodate everyone.